Traktor Pro 3 - S4 MK2 Mappings

Here are the mappings i use with Traktor and S4 MK2. They allow basic Stem control, FX Unit and Mixer FX selection, and some other tweaks.

These mappings should not alter the existing functions of the S4 Mk2.




From Traktor preferences
-> Controller Manager -> Add -> Import TSI -> Import Other

Make sure to import once! Delete other S4 mappings.




If in S4 mk2 preferences you select "Sample Play Buttons: Auto", Traktor will automatically switch to Stem mode for remix buttons when a stem track is loaded. This is not a feature of these mappings!

Hot Cue [5-8]

Replaces Remix buttons 1-4 by Hot Cue [5-8], but only for Track Deck. Stem Deck will rely on "Auto" mode. See above.

Select/Set+Store HotCue [5-8]
Remix button [1-4]
Delete HotCue [5-8]
shift L-R + Remix button [1-4]

Scratch and External Source

Scratch control / Internal playback
shift-1 + channel fx1 (below gain encoder)
MP3 / External Input
shift-1 + channel fx2 (below gain encoder)


Reset gain
gain encoder push
shift L or R + gain encoder. push to reset
Tempo adjust
shift-1 + gain encoder. push to reset.
To avoid experiencing a big tempo jump while adjusting tempo with tempo fader
shift + loop in


Mixer FX Selector

Mixer FX Filter
shift-1 + shift-2 + cue [A-D]
Mixer FX slot 1
shift-1 + cue [A-D]
Mixer FX slot 2
shift-2 + cue [A-D]
Mixer FX slot 3
shift-3 + cue [A-D]
Mixer FX slot 4
shift-4 + cue [A-D]
Mixer FX On/Off
shift L or R + cue [A-D]

FX Unit FX Type Selector

Single FX Type
shift L or R + Dry/Wet FX 1 or 2. While in Single FX mode
FX-1 Type
shift L or R + FX 1 or 2 Knob 1. While in Multi FX mode
FX-2 Type
shift L or R + FX 1 or 2 Knob 2. While in Multi FX mode
FX-2 Type
shift L or R + FX 1 or 2 Knob 3. While in Multi FX mode


shift + Snap
Auto Master Tempo
shift + Master
Cruise Mode
shift + Quant
shift + Deck Select

Extra Modifiers / Shift

mixer loop recorder - size
mixer loop recorder - undo
mixer loop recorder - rec
mixer loop recorder - play
Shift 5
left shift + left deck select
Shift 6
right shift + right deck select
Shift 7
Shift 8
left or right shift

Original mixer loop recorder function is available using shift L or R and mixer loop recorder buttons