Grids For Max for Live


Grids is a topographic drum sequencer eurorack module from mutable instruments.

This Grids is a port of the original eurorack module code into a Max for Live device.


Drop Grids.amxd into your live set or user library and have fun !

Grids is also on

User Manual

As this is mostly a port of the eurorack version, most of the original manual applies, with exception made, of course, of the cv inputs, clock in, tap tempo and other things which do not make sense in a daw.

Part Density

The three foremost knobs adjust the density of the kick, snare and hihat respectively.

Note Output

Note output for each part can be enabled by the "main" toggle. The "Acc" (for accent) enable the output for the accent for the respective part while drum mode. In Euclidian mode the accent ouput send a note out every time the end of the euclidian loop for this part is reached.

The number of one the right are the midi note number associated with each part and its accent. By default they are mapped to Kick, Snare and Closed HiHat. the Accent to Low Tom, Clap and Open HiHat. Feel free to change them !

Drum Settings

Map X and Map Y knobs adjust what is the core of Grids. They navigate smoothly along the map of rhythms.

Chaos allow to add some random variation in the mix.

Euclidian Settings

While in euclidian mode, the knobs on the right control the length of each part, from 1 to 32.

Make sure to automate the parameters with Max for Live LFO, that is where the fun begins !


Change Log


GPL 3.0


feel free to contact me for any suggestions and bug reports.