dmxP512 is DMX output processing library that supports both ENTTEC DMX USB Pro and LanBox LCE.

The release notes contain version history.

documentation can be found in api javadoc and also in basic.pde in the package.

this project is based on the PRODMX processing library from Andres Colubri, some DMX lanbox code from the guys at imal and some UDP code part of the Processing Libraries project, for the Atelier Hypermedia, art from Aix-en-Provence.

If you don't see the serial port on mac but your enttec box works fine with the Enttec pro-manager or such app, check the kind of driver you installed. The Inttec Pro-Manager package for MacOS X installs the D2XX of FTDI direct serial driver. It works well with their software but not works with others like Processing or Cinder. It is necessary to install de VCP (Virtual COM port) available on ENTTEC site.


The first release of the file can be downloaded at


Unzip and put the extracted dmxP512 folder into the libraries folder of your processing sketches. One basic example is included in the dmxP512 folder.


Source is contained in the download and is available at


feel free to contact me for any suggestions and bug reports.